The 220 Soft team

About us

220Soft was formed in August 2000 by Peter Davidson (Managing Director) who has worked on many projects in the IT industry since 1982. The other team leaders are Paul Hayes, who has been working as Director of Project and Product Development within the team for more than 15 years, Charles Moran with expertise in quality assurance and editing and John Snowden who has run many marketing campaigns for IT products.

The close working relationship of these individuals forms a partnership of the designers of the UK’s top-selling educational software and courses and the leaders of some of the most successful PR, sales and marketing campaigns for IT products in the UK. The company also has an unbeatable joint wealth of experience and contacts in the field.

Between them, the team has over a century of experience in the Education, IT, Sales and Marketing fields.


Peter Davidson

Peter is MD and Director of Programming

Peter was a teacher who went on to become editor of seven computer titles at Europress Publications and was also group education editor. Following that he joined Europress Software where he was responsible for many titles including the two acclaimed products Mini Office and the world’s top-selling educational range – Fun School.

Peter left Europress and became a director of 10 out of 10 Educational Systems which he left to pursue a freelance career in designing educational web sites and consultant for several software houses. He was employed by a leading Sales and Marketing company from 2000 to 2002 which he left to form 220 Soft.


Paul Hayes

Paul is Director of Project and Product Development

Paul works with Peter on the design of the courses and accompanying materials. He has thirty years of experience in devising learning programs and delivering courses for Government contracts and major National Training providers. He was a key consultant for the change management program within the UK steel industries.


Charles Moran

Charles is Quality Control Manager

Charles has considerable experience in Quality Control for IT products and has also worked as a freelance writer for many IT Publications as well as the sub editor for a National Magazine. In his spare time he is has proofed a novel.


Anne Davidson

Company Secretary and Sales Manager

Anne has been the company secretary for more than twelve years ensuring the smooth running of the company. She has now taken over the role of Sales Manager and will be co-ordinating our sales team. If you have any questions about sales, contact her and she will put you in contact with the appropriate account manager.