Life Skills Screening
- Initial Assessments

Life Skills Screening are Functional Skills initial assessments that start from Entry Level 1 up to and including Level 2 for English, Maths and ICT. There are different types of questions that are designed to "engage" the learner and many have different ways of interacting with the program to answer a question.

  • 25 questions with five questions for each level that become progressively harder. At the end of the assessments learners will be graded at their particular skill level
  • There is no need to input learners as the programs does this automatically when learners sign up and take the Initial Assessments
  • Learners can take up to eight separate Initial Assessments and a "progression of education" is shown graphically
  • Full human English speech is available for all subjects
  • Customisation extras
  • Data input and output via csv files


Screenings for Learners

Questions are based around everyday functional tasks and average time taken for Maths is approximately 28 minutes - English approximately 32 minutes and ICT 40 minutes. Some of the features include:

  • Clear and precise "warm" instructions for the learner to let them know what to expect
  • Different fonts and backgrounds for differing forms of dyslexia, they can be chosen by using the up and down buttons which is explained in the instructions
  • Time display and running count on how many questions left to answer
  • Learners are able to go back to previous questions to change their answers, (by default they are not given the correct answers whilst taking the Screening)



Tutor Customisation

Within the Administrator/Tutor section there are range of customisable features that includes:

  • Choose from 4 sets of Screenings for each subject
  • Speech on or off
  • Timer on or off
  • If the learner can/cannot review their own Screening
  • Message for learners on the opening screen login e.g. "You may use a calculator or dictionary" or "Good Luck with your Initial Assessment"



For pricing, purchasing and further information:
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Stats and summary

The Administrator/ Tutor Section also features:

  • Search options by name, class or time period
  • All data can be outputted and classes can be inputted using csv files

All programs come with an accompanying manual and a full induction for staff.

Life Skills Screenings licences also include free full technical support backup. The levels of achievements for learners are accurately gauged and as previously mentioned time is saved by tutors as learners are automatically inputted into the system when logging in.

The learner also saves time as they are not penalised when giving a wrong answer and having to start again at that same level, unlike other Initial Assessment programs. This helps eliminates frustration in what is a stressful time for the learner, as many will be coming back into the "education cycle" after some years.

The licences are not priced on the number of learners and sites and are extremely affordable and in as the price saves establishments many thousands of pounds as well as staff resource time....... and time is money.